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The Little Good Mouse

The Little Good Mouse
Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen who loved each other so much that they were never happy unless they were together. Day after day they went out hunting or fishing; night after night they went to balls or to the opera; they sang, and danced, and ate sugar-plums, and were the gayest of the gay, and all their subjects followed their example so that the kingdom was called the Joyous Land. Now in the next kingdom everything was as different as it could possibly be. The King was sulky and savage, and never enjoyed himself at all. He looked so ugly and cross that all his subjects feared him, and he hated the very sight of a cheerful face; so if he ever caught anyone smiling he had his head cut off that very minute. This kingdom was very appropriately called the Land of Tears. Now when this wicked King heard of the happiness of the Jolly King, he was so jealous that he collected a great army and set out to fight him, and the news of his approach was soon brought to the King and Queen. The Queen, when she heard of it, was frightened out of her wits, and began to cry bitterly. ‘Sire,’ she said, ‘let us collect all our riches and run away as far as ever we can, to the other side of the world.’ Читать далее

Rana and his Donkey

Rana was a young boy who loved nature and admired all that was beautiful. He lived in a beautiful house, away from the town.
He did all his work himself with the help of his donkey who was very faithful. Rana grew wheat and vegetables himself to live on. He cut and sewed his own clothes. He made his own shoes. He was very happy to live alone in his lonely place. Читать далее

Ernest takes a ride

By Joan Stimson

Ernest the elephant had an ambition. He wanted to ride on a red bus.
Each day Ernest looked out from his enclosure. The buses went by exactly on the hour. «The three o’clock is the bus for me,» thought Ernest. «Everyone will be taking a nap after lunch.» Then he made his Plan. Читать далее

Baby: Looking for Dash

By Molly Kates

One day on Hoggett’s farm, Fly noticed that one of her puppies was missing.
«Where could Dash be?» she wondered.
«I’ll find him!» said Baby.
Baby looked in the barn. There was no puppy. But there were three mice. The mice said they’d help Babe look for Dash. Baby and the mice looked in the chicken coop. Читать далее

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

The following story of the two mice, with the similar fables of The Boy who cried Wolf, The Frog King, and The Sun and the Wind, are given here with the hope that they may be of use to the many teachers who find the over-familiar material of the fables difficult to adapt, and who are yet aware of the great usefulness of the stories to young minds. A certain degree of vividness and amplitude must be added to the compact statement of the famous collections, and yet it is not wise to change the style-effect of a fable, wholly. Читать далее